Day by day one step forward, this way was born the Mc Production:
on the playfield.

In my hometown I often passed with my bycicle in front of a company which has a beautiful Windows with a DJ headphone logo on it. I was looking for a job which I needed, music was my passion, so I decided to call them to find some hope... The day after I was working!!!
Since 1997 I started to dedicate my time to the world of events thanks to the school I have learned in some agencies in the industry. And from nothing in 2008 I have founded Mc Production..

Mc Production is able to offer all what is necessary to create an unforgettable event, always putting on the first place the establishment of a relashionship with the clients, based on full faith : from the supply of audio and video and light systems to projecting on scenography and scenes; even production of video, graphic and music. Mc Production directs the technical preparation from the projection through the realization until directing of a whole event.
By increasingly focusing more and more on the creative ideas and technical consultation, Mc Production claims managing the event completely and indipendently, constantly searching for new solutions which will satisfy the clients.


We are creating events since more Than 20 years.

We know the needs of communication and the world of multimedial instruments, so we are able to addressing the choices of our clients in the ambient through technical consultations, projects and proposals in renting or buying of audio, video and light equipments.
A range of services which are tending to be more adherent to the needs of communication of our clients. A level of personalization which is pushing over the classic concept of taylor-made.
Technics, timing and methodologies in continuous development so that your event, your importante moment goes over your own expectations.

Event director
Production and post Production of video
Graphic animation
Design and preparation of graphics
Printing of material and graphic gadget
Indoor and outdoor screens
Led monitors
Video projections
Audio-Video Products: DOWNLOAD
Directing video Full HD - 4K
Lighting systems
Audio systems
Hangings and structures
Electronic voting
Simultaneous translation
Live streaming
Sanitizing Products and Termoscanner:


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